About Us

Assam, The largest state of Northeast India has a treasure of art and culture. The rich literary heritage of Assamese language is the signature of this naturally beautiful state.
A team of expert has done a research and felt that an Assamese news paper of quality infotainment news with rich literature will fulfill this segments need. The region is looking for a news paper or a periodical which will give Good, positive and infotainment news from around the world in Assamese language. Keeping this in mind, Nistha Media Pvt. Ltd. The proud publisher of the most popular Assamese Monthly magazine Bichurita Barnali is now determined to publish a weekly tabloid BHAL KHABAR shall have contents for youth, adults, elderly as well as children. The word BHAL KHABAR means Good and positive news. So, we will carry Good news for every family member, such as special contents for Teenagers, house wives, elderly persons, kids. BHAL KHABAR will contain special sports page, fashion page, literature page, children talent page, business page, lifestyle apart from regular good and positive news from all over the world.

BHAL KHABAR will contain special pages for schools and colleges where talents of the students will be published.

BHAL KHABAR will be a smart choice for the advertiser as well because through BHAL KHABAR one can effectively communicate with the people of Assam as the majority of the state speaks and communicates in Assamese only.
The print quality of BHAL KHABAR is a national standard. The total number of pages will be 32 (All color)
Circulation: To be circulated throughout Assam, Nagaland and Meghalaya states.